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Lie to us

lightmanfoster - A Lightman/Foster Community

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Dedicated to the relationship of Dr. Cal Lightman and Dr. Gillian Foster of the TV show 'Lie to me'


1. Please tag your posts! Tagged entries make it so much easier to find things :)
2. If posting icons, post no more than 3 outside of a cut. Any images larger that 500px should be placed behind an LJ-cut. Don't know how to make an LJ-cut? Find out here.
3. Please place all fanfic under a cut (but include a summary above the cut!).
4. Everyone here likes 'Lie to me' and Lightman and Foster, but opinions might be different between members. Just remember that we're here to enjoy ourselves, so please be respectul of each other. Also, bashing of characters or the actors that play them is not allowed!
5. Spoilers must be placed behind a cut!
6. This is not the place for RPF (real person fiction).
7. Posts featuring your individual reaction to an episode are not allowed -- keep it to the discussion posts.
8. There is to be no community advertising unless it pertains exclusively to the Lie to me fandom (no multifandom communities, no writing challenge sites etc UNLESS it's just Lie to me). Any advertising which is posted against this rules will be deleted by the moderators.

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